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KDOM Local News & Funeral Notices

Weekdays: 650am, 745am, 945am, 1230pm,  335pm, 525pm

Saturdays: 610am, 650am, 745am, 1045am

Sundays: 650am, 850am,


The Swapline Program

Weekdays 835am & 345pm

Saturdays 835am

Job Search Program

Weekdays 620am, 1250pm, 505pm

    Auction Calendar

Mon-Sat 6:55am

Market & Farm Shows

Weekdays: 615am, 620am, 635am, 640am, 735am,830am,935am, 1035am, 1040am,1045am,1140am,1145am 1150am, 1205pm, 1215pm,1220pm, 145pm, 245pm, 310pm,315pm, 455pm, 520pm

Weather Reports, frequently thru-out each day

Public Affairs Interview Program

Kaleidoscope: Weekdays 1010am


Sports Programs

KDOM Features numerous Local Sports Programs, plus daily sports reports from the ABC Radio Network and the Minnesota News Network


Sunday Church Programs

Day One 705am,  Wonderful Words of Life 805am,  Music & the Spoken Word 820am,  Our Saviors Lutheran Church Service 900am,  The Lutheran Hour 10am,  The American Lutheran Church Service 1030am,  First Things from the First United Methodist Church 1130am,